36 years of driving motor cars and dealing with mechanics, and then I met Steve Halloway and his staff. Steve is a rare breed of mechanic that goes above and beyond his mechanical repair work, wh

Reliable, affordable and honest. Steve does an amazing job at keeping my family’s cars running. They keep you up to date with progress, and will seek approval before performing work on yo

Excellent service, Steve went above and beyond to fix my car and made sure it was running perfect, honest and great price, could not be happier.

Car Repair Service Bayswater

All of us need car mechanic time to time and anyone owning a car is likely to know that unfortunately it can go wrong from time-to-time. Whether or not, your car has a problem though, it is still essential to have a good mechanic by your side so that you can get a good price for your MOT and your regular servicing to make sure that your car is road legal all the time and also to make sure that you’re proficient enough to drive safely.

There are numerous things that can turn out to be worse with a car, and while some of these bugs can be fixed by you comparatively, others may require the help of a car mechanic near Boronia.

Looking for the best car mechanic near Boronia?

No need to look further, because Bayswater Automotive Service deliver efficient servicing and repairs with quality parts, followed by customer-friendly service. We are local independent businesses, so we actually know how to care for you and your car.

Here are certain basic car troubles that all of us experience.

Boronia car mechanic services for battery issues

Our car battery usually appears to be unlimited in its supply of energy. This is due to that it is charged by the moment of the car when we start driving through the use of the alternator. This confirms that it is very often being refilled and we regularly have sufficient energy to keep driving and to keep operating our lights, windshield wipers and among others.

However at times all this stops working, and in this event it could be one of numerous things. On one hand, it might be that you inadvertently left the car on too long without having the engine running. In such a scenario, your battery would be drained and you should be able to give it a jump start with some jump leads. Just connect them to your battery, and the battery of another car, then start the other engine so that to deliver your battery a sudden ‘kick’ that will bring your car back to life.

Another alternative if your battery is dead or that your alternator is broken. Whatever may be the case, we will help you replace it.

Facing suspension issues?

If it is so that your suspension is packed in then this something you need worry about and get it repaired. And it is clearly noticeable when your car starts vibrating more when you drive over bumpy surfaces, and it may even hurt you when it abruptly vibrates. We can help you in getting your suspension repaired.

Boronia car mechanics to handle break failure or break problem

Breaks are actually very essential for your safety, but several things can go wrong with them. One of the most ordinary problems is that your break-pads just wear away due to the friction against them very often. This in turn then produces a whining noise when you slow down, and it means that you will have to get those break shoes replaced by our car mechanic.

Everyone likes to stick to one mechanic and Bayswater Automotive Service is one of them. We deliver and organize very affordable car repairs, tyre supply plus fitting and balancing, new tyres and car service in various areas such as;

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